Valentine’s Day is often associated with romantic love, but it can also be a good time to show other types of love and affection. If you’re looking for another opportunity to spoil your grandchildren, don’t forget about Valentine’s gifts for grandchildren.

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Grandchildren

When you’re buying Valentine’s gifts for that special someone, jewelry, roses and chocolate are popular choices. These traditional Valentine’s gifts could work for a grandchild, as well.

  • Chocolate: OK, this one is pretty safe. As long as your grandchild doesn’t have a chocolate allergy or other health issues, chocolate should be appreciated. You can splurge on a fancy box of truffles or sneak some fruit into your grandchild’s diet with chocolate-covered strawberries.
  • Jewelry: Many girls would love to receive a nice necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings. You could get a charm necklace or bracelet with a special meaning that you can share with your grandchild. Pandora has charms to choose from. Alternatively, you could purchase a piece of jewelry designed for a granddaughter, like the interlocking hearts necklace from The Love Knot Shop.
  • Roses: Roses can be a nice gift, although they might seem a little too romantic to give to grandchildren. You could give a bouquet of other flowers, although keep in mind that the flowers will wilt and could make a mess, so this might not be the best gift for a child. Alternatively, you could provide a rose-themed gift, such as Miss Dior Rose N’Roses perfume for a teenage girl or young woman.

Other Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Grandchildren

If traditional Valentine’s Day gifts don’t seem quite right, you may need to think outside of the box to make a real impact.

If your grandkids don’t go for the usual Valentine’s Day fare, consider these gift options:

Valentine’s Gifts for Young Children

If your grandchildren are young, you can look to presents that are always a hit with young kids.

  • Stickers: Kids go crazy for stickers, so this is always a fun gift. You can get any stickers you think your grandchildren would like, or you can go for a Valentine’s sticker theme. Tiny Mills has a set of Valentine’s Day stickers that you color.
  • Coloring Books and Art Sets: Speaking of coloring, that’s another thing kids love! If your grandchild is a budding artist, consider giving a coloring book or art set. There are plenty of coloring books to choose form, like the Valentine’s Day Coloring Book for Kids, available at Barnes & Noble.
  • Dolls: A Valentine’s-themed doll could be a great addition to your grandchild’s collection. Options include the Very Valentine Barbie, available through Amazon, and the Angeline Ty Happy Valentines Day Doll, available through Walmart.
  • Lego: If your grandkids are fans of Lego, this might be a good Valentine’s Day gift option. Lego has some ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts, including a wildflower bouquet, the ultimate party kit and a Woody and Bo Peep set.
  • Plush Toys: A teddy bear or other plush toy is a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift, and there are a multitude of Valentine’s themed plushies available. If you go into any major store in the weeks before Valentine’s Day, you’re likely to see some options. Build-A-Bear has an array of Valentine’s options, including a jumbo pink frog.

Valentine’s Gifts for Older Children

If your grandchildren are tweens or teens, they’ll have different tastes.

  • Gift Cards: Some people don’t life giving gift cards because it seems to easy and impersonal, but tweens and teens typically love receiving money, so this might be a good option. You can make the gift more personal by selecting a gift card with a special meaning and purpose. For example, if your teen grandson has a girlfriend, you can him give a gift card to a fancy restaurant so he can take his girlfriend out on a nice date. If your teen granddaughter loves music, you can get her a gift card so she can download more songs, such as an Apple gift card or a Spotify membership – just make sure you know which platform your grandchild uses.
  • Stationery: Do you wish your grandchildren wrote to you more often? Writing letters may seem old-fashioned, or even a relic of the past, but many people still enjoy receiving letters that they can hold and keep. Give your grandchildren a gift of nice stationery and a not-so-subtle hint that they should use it to write to you.
  • Smart Phone: If you’re fine with electronic communication, consider giving your teen or tween a smart phone from Valentine’s Day. This gift is sure to impress them and their friends. You can add your contact information so it’s easy for your grandchildren to call you, text you and send you photos. You should probably check in with their parents first to make sure that they’re OK with the gift and to find out what they already have and what they might want.

Valentine’s Gifts for Adult Grandchildren

Your grandchildren are all grown up, but they’re still your grandchildren, and you want to treat them to something nice on Valentine’s Day.

  • A Food Subscription: They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but this is probably true for most young adults, too. Make sure your grandchildren are eating well by proving a food subscription. You could go with a meal kit option, such as Hello Fresh, or you could do something like the Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club.
  • A Spa Day: If you really want to pamper your adult grandchildren, treat them to a spa day. Look for nice spas in their area, find out how much a spa day would cost, and buy a gift card to cover it. You can just do a spa day for one, or you can make it a couple’s spa day or spa day for two friends. Your grandchildren are sure to appreciate this.

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