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Since 2004, Kirsch Insurance Group has been helping Denver and Colorado residents with their Medicare Health Plan needs. We are confident that with our full understanding of all the Medicare Plans and Options, we can help you better prepare for the future.

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How to Find an Colorado Medicare Agent: Five Questions to Ask

Finding the right Medicare coverage every year can be a time consuming and confusing experience. When you work with a local, licensed Medicare agent they can help you narrow your options to find the best plan for your individual needs.

Here are five questions to ask to help you find the agent that is right for you:

1. Are you licensed to sell insurance in my state?

The agent you choose to work with should be licensed to sell Medicare in your state. This means they have taken a state licensing exam and have met annual continuing education requirements. This ensures they are up to date on all of Medicare’s rules and regulations which can change every year.

2. Which insurance plans do you sell?

You should ask if they sell both Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans, as well as Part D Prescription Drug plans. Choose an agent who represents a variety of local and national insurance carriers. This ensures they can offer you a variety of options increasing the likelihood of finding a plan well suited to your needs.

3. How much experience do you have?

You should look for an agent with substantial experience selling different types of Medicare plans in your state. Plan availability, benefits, rules, and exceptions can vary from state to state. This can be overwhelming to navigate on your own. An experienced agent will understand the complexities involved and can help guide you to the right coverage.

4. What information should I bring when we meet?

Your agent should ask you to come to your first meeting prepared with certain information. This includes a list of your preferred providers including doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies. You should bring a list of your medications and dosages. You will discuss any chronic health conditions and treatments, how often you travel out of the area, and your budget. This will help the agent gauge your needs and preferences in order to find the Medicare coverage that best matches your individual situation.

5. After I am enrolled, can I contact you anytime with questions or concerns?

There are several reasons why you want to work with an agent who offers ongoing customer service and support throughout the year. They can assist with Issues or questions that arise with your existing coverage. If your circumstances change mid-year they can determine if you qualify for a special enrollment period and can help you change plans.

When you form a relationship with a Medicare agent, they can act as your trusted advisor, providing education and guidance over many years.